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Winter is coming…

But it doesn’t have to be doom and gloom! Early November sees the launch of our new Autumn drinks list, and last week we were joined by our suppliers to learn about some of the exciting new drinks we’re bringing to the list. Ins and outs of drinks list is often kept quite under wraps, but we’re just too excited to not share what we learnt.

First up, two new vodkas! A clean and mineral vodka from Iceland, Reyka, and pure creamy luxury in the form of Absolut Elyx.

We’re also mixing up our cocktails, and introducing blackberries into both our Chase Blackberry Crush and our Bramble Berry Melba mocktail! We’re also saying farewell to Chase Marmalade and introducing a Whisky Mac onto the list. Using Monkey Shoulder, an easy-drinking blend of three single malts, it’s smooth, sweet and very easy to drink. Paired with Stone’s Ginger Wine & apple juice, this is a warm yet refreshing new addition to the list.

Negroni is also making a comeback! Strong and bitter, with Beefeater, Campari and Martini, it’s the perfect aperitif. The aperitivo moment is taking London by storm, and the ritual of a pre-dinner drink is definitely a trend we’re keen to jump on board with. Join us.


What’s your knowledge of bourbon like? We’re bringing three new American whiskies to our Winter list, and what a choice we’ve been given! Hudson Baby Bourbon is a small batch whiskey, and was the first legal spirit to be produced in New York since prohibition! Full of caramel and vanilla notes, this really is an outstanding addition. Next up, Maker’s Mark. A rising star, also of exceptional quality. Handmade, using red winter wheat rather than rye, giving a noticeable, pleasant difference in comparison to many other premium bourbons. And finally, Basil Hayden’s. A craft bourbon like no other. Clean and light-bodied, with notes of honey, pepper and spice. Truly, easy drinking.

There’s also new gins, five in total. But we can’t give everything away…

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