Gastro Pub in Warwickshire - The Almanack


Peach & Our Pub

Peach is a collection of really great pubs, mainly in market towns in the heart of England. We serve good quality, fresh, honest food in relaxed, welcoming environments. Always with a kind word and a sense of fun. We have always been passionate about giving back and as we’ve developed and grown over the years, our ability and motivation to make the world a little better, a little peachier, has grown with us. The Bigger Peach showcases our efforts to improve communities, equality in the workplace and the future sustainability of our world. 

The Almanack is a modern British gastropub in the heart of Kenilworth, between Abbey Fields & the High Street. We serve high quality fresh seasonal food & great beers, wines & spirits all at pub prices. Open all day, seven days a week, serving breakfast, coffee & cake, lunch, drinks & dinner, we aim to be Kenilworth’s favourite “local”.

We take huge pride in serving the best ingredients we can find, from ethical producers, freshly prepared by our chefs.

The Almanack sits at the top of the High Street in Kenilworth on The Square at Abbey End. Leave the A46 at signs for Kenilworth Castle and you will be led to the High Street. We  are at the top on the right in a modern stylish building opposite the Holiday Inn. There is a pay and display car park situated behind the pub.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Kieran Vick, General Manager

Born and bred in Mickleton, a picturesque little village in the Cotswolds, Kieran also spent a lot of time in Hampshire. Visiting Portsmouth meant he was brought up around fresh fish creating his love for fresh and local produce. “There’s something about watching the fish come in on a boat, straight to a fishmonger and buying it 20 minutes later. You can’t beat it!”

Kieran first dipped his toes into the world of hospitality when he started his career as a food and beverage assistant in a large hotel. He had no idea what he wanted to do when he left school but was determined to earn some cash whilst he was making his mind up. He soon realised that getting paid to talk to people and have a laugh was an alright choice.

The older Kieran got, the more he appreciated the pub environment, and how few and far between these were,  so he successfully started his journey through some of the best premium pub companies in the UK.

We’re lucky enough to now have Kieran at the helm of the Almanack. Choosing Peach for really hitting the nail on the head when it comes to every aspect of Pub life, along with our Peach Values which encompass what is really important, our guests our teams and the good stuff we serve.

There are four loves in Kieran’s life, his partner, his beautiful little girl Ava, The Almanack and Golf. Next time you’re in the pub say hi, Kieran cannot wait to meet you!

Sarah Robinson, Pod Director

Arriving back in Edgbaston has been like coming home for Sarah. Growing up in Solihull she discovered her passion for food and making sure people had a great time whilst waiting on tables at her local pub The Peacock. Though it didn’t take long to get qualified in leisure marketing at Solihull College nor promoted to assistant manager after only a year. So at just 21 she found herself managing The Falcon at Hatton, a great Warwickshire gastropub and great experience for what was to come. That included opening Bank Birmingham in chic Brindley Place, just as the city’s food scene really started to take off, and a stint at Lovely Pubs running one of their loveliest The Crabmill at Henley in Arden. Soon it was time to run her own and Sarah headed south to take on two, The Hurdles in Droxford and The Bird in Hand in Lovedean in leafy Hampshire, turning both into fantastic foodie destinations. Now she’s happy to be home, and super-excited to be putting Edgbaston on the map.


As we entered lockdown, our first concern was everyone’s wellbeing and their ability to support families in such unprecedented times. Peach have been great in helping our team, with access to our hardship fund, zoom quizzes, online DJ sessions and masses of social contact, keeping us all in touch. Some of the pubs helped with Your Hub, a Social Enterprise to support the local community. From feeding homeless, to Youth support centres, NHS call centres, hospitals and care homes.

See more of what the Peach team have been up to below: